In School Programs

Girl CHARGE works with school counselors, teachers, principals and parents to bring programming into schools. We currently offer two in-school programming options:

Our primary program’s goal is to educate girls on relational aggression (covert bullying) and to help girls realize their role in creating safer social climates. The program usually lasts for 4-6 weeks and can be tailored to fit the need’s of a school. Generally, topics discussed include the following:

  • Defining ideal friendship qualities and recognizing “girl drama” behaviors
  • Creating personal friendship rules
  • Identifying roles of instigator, target and bystander
  • Revealing power of words (verbally and technologically)
  • Personal goals and contract to change

Programming looks different in different schools- at times, whole grade level groups of girls meet together for the sessions, other schools prefer to run small groups with a select group of girls, and some use classroom guidance lessons for the programs.

A second school program is now available, as well. Start Empathy works with girls and boys to master the skill of empathy. The premise of the program is that teaching and practicing this skill leads to more constructive, kind, compassionate students and, therefore, more productive and happy classrooms. Girl CHARGE utilizes the Start Empathy Toolkit, teaching 6 sessions in schools and then providing schools with follow-up ideas and lessons from the Toolkit to continue the cultural shift in the classroom. This program is ideally suited for a whole class. For more information on Start Empathy, visit the organization’s website at

Younger Girls Ages 4-7

For the younger girls (ages 4-7), Girl CHARGE offers a monthly “More than Princesses” storytime at the Friendly Center Barnes & Noble. Each meeting features a book with an adventurous, curious girl as the main character and an activity that corresponds with the book’s themes. “More than Princesses” meets at 4:30 on the third Tuesday of each month.

Mother-Daughter Book Clubs

Our Mother/Daughter book clubs exist to provide a space for moms and their girls to spend time together with one another and other pairs and to have meaningful discussions about books. Our groups choose books in September and meet each month on the third Tuesday. 

Speaking Engagments

Girl CHARGE offers speaking engagements for various groups: school/parent groups, mother/daughter groups, church groups, professional organizations, etc. Melissa Norman, founder and Executive Director of Girl CHARGE, is available for speaking on:

  • Changing the Culture of Our Girls (geared towards parents and teachers and/or girls)
  • Can Empathy Change Our World?

Contact Melissa Norman to arrange a speaking engagement.